Cultivating Community through Sustainability

Ernest, Shawn HGGPThank you for visiting the online home of the House Gardens Greening Project. Please take the time to browse the following pages and learn all about what we do, where we do it, and how you can get involved. Also, please visit us on Facebook and like our page.

What is the House Gardens Greening Project?

The House Gardens Greening Project is founded upon the concept that community is a priority. It is vitally important those around us have provisions upon which they can survive and succeed.

Just as the early Church met in homes, sharing the Gospel of Christ, we want to build a network of House Gardens who partner together, sharing what they have grown.

HGGP has created a community of gardens. Instead of having all of our gardens in one location, the HGGP Network is spread over many communities. House Gardens Greening Project began in 2010 at Ward Street Mission United Methodist Church in High Point North Carolina where Pastor Jeff Moran served as the Associate Pastor. Pastor Jeff retired in 2012 but continued to work on HGGP. In 2015 after relocating to Anderson, SC, HGGP became affiliated with North Anderson Community Church Presbyterian as part of their community outreach and their gardening ministry. Gardens are still being delivered and built on site to participating families who are able to simply walk out their door to tend to whatever they choose to grow.

antoinetteAny family who is willing and able may participate. If you have a desire to develop, cultivate and harvest your own garden, we want to make such a desire reality. Join us as we work the soil and reap the rewards of hard work.

Our hope is to cultivate not simply the land, but to cultivate relationships between partners and sponsored families in order to build a greener community by encouraging stewardship all around us.

The House Gardens Greening Project gives participating families incredible independence. Imagine being able to walk out your front door, pick fresh fruits and vegetables, then head to your kitchen and prepare what you have grown for your family and guests.