HGGP Gardening Philosophy

Our Gardening Philosophy covers both the technical and spiritual aspects of gardening. We believe in a spiritual reason for the work we do and we have an opinion about how that work should be carried out.

Our gardens can be built to fit your needs. We will consult and try to build any size that best suits your location and the needs of your family. Gardening in raised beds allows for less maintenance due to less weeding and watering while creating optimal accessibility in the process.

We believe organic gardening is the best way to grow delicious produce that is safe for everyone to eat. Our raised beds are simple, wooden frames, sealed on the bottom to prevent any weeds from hindering your produce. Our gardens create a space where individuals with time, little experience and a passion to grow food for their family can enjoy success in a productive and sustainable hobby that will enhance their lives.

Spiritually, our garden philosophy is as simple as putting a seed in the ground. God has given us the physical ability to plant, tend, cultivate, pick, and process all types of plants, fruits, and vegetables. We believe it is God’s intention that we should take these abilities seriously. Part of taking God’s gift of cultivation seriously is sharing it with others without the means to have the opportunity to cultivate otherwise.

It is good to feed people but it is better to help them by showing them how to feed themselves. In this process of helping and sharing with our neighbors, we become friends, we share stories, we share common meals, we share our common needs and we gain a self-dignity that only comes through growing together as a community of sustenance.

Individuals are typically overcome by a particular emotion of pride – a healthy sense of self-worth – when they look on as a seed grows into a plant, produces flowers, and eventually produces a crop that can be eaten at their own table, as well as shared among neighbors, family, and friends.

Our aim at HGGP is to give people that incredible sense of individual and communal fulfillment that comes from enjoying God’s abundant gifts with our hands, as He blesses us with sunshine, soil and rain. Through His showering grace, we are able to grow what can only be described as a miracle each and every time we pick and harvest a single piece of produce from our garden. If we can spread this concept throughout the world, we have accomplished our goal at HGGP.